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Psychology Services

Psychology Services

Psychology ServicesPsychology Services

What We Offer


What we can help with

If you have been diagnosed with a mental health problem or experiencing difficulty in your life, and wanting understanding and solutions, we may be able to help you. Please click on the link where available to be taken to for more information about each area of difficulty.

Below is an A to Z of some of the difficulties Phoenix Mental Health can help with:



What to Expect

Telephone Consultation

If you would like an initial discussion about whether we can help, please use the 'Contact Us' form and we will follow up your request with a phone call. The initial telephone consultation is free and an opportunity for us to gather some brief details about your current difficulties, and whether we are the most appropriate service to help you. 


General Mental Health 

If you decide you would like to be seen we would spend the first and maybe second session gathering information about your difficulties and other background information. This will help with developing a better understanding of what has happened and how and why you may be experiencing it as you are. This will also enable us to decide on the most appropriate treatment.

Specialist Assessment 

We have experience with undertaking specialist assessments with patients presenting with complex issues and forensic backgrounds. The assessment process can ascertain a better understanding of the psychological needs, risks and risk management, readiness and ability to engage with psychological intervention. 

There is no obligation to book further sessions after our first session.



If you decide to proceed with a recommended treatment, together we can think about an initial number of sessions, how often and when to review your progress.  Sessions are confidential unless there is a risk to your safety and/or the safety of others, in which case we will discuss informing the appropriate external agencies.

Our aim is to help you develop an understanding about your difficulties in a way that enables you to find ways to move forward, helping you become unstuck. Together, we work with your strengths and supplement this with effective psychological skills and strategies that work for you.  We use a broad range of psychological skills and techniques and consider various models of psychological therapy knowing that one approach does not necessarily fit all.  

Our aim always, is to help you improve your mental health and manage and reduce the reason why you came to our service. Through the process of psychological therapy we hope you emerge as a version of yourself that is psychologically and emotionally stronger.